Hearts Cracked Open: A Documentary Film

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Hearts Cracked Open: A Documentary Film about Tantra for Women Who Love Women

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Hearts Cracked Open provides an in-depth look into the world of lesbian Tantra with its ancient ecstatic practices and sexual techniques. Through interviews with Tantra teachers and students, workshop footage, and daily practices, Hearts Cracked Open celebrates sexuality and coupling in the lesbian community while promoting discussion about this usually hidden aspect of our lives. We invite you to witness the transformative power of Tantra to crack open the heart as women reclaim the fullness of their beings. In addition to the documentary film, the DVD includes over 50 minutes of Special Features!

Through attention to eye gazing, sacred touch, and the breath, the film depicts Shaman healer and Tantra teacher, Marcia Singer, introducing beginning students to basic Tantra principles in Los Angeles. In Santa Barbara, Pamela Madison teaches lesbian Tantra weekends which deepen spiritual connections between partners and teach sexual techniques ranging from the Fire Breath Orgasm to G-Spot massage and sex toy use. In Santa Rosa, Evalena Rose’s advanced 6-month, women-only Tantra group gives the viewer an inside look at the exercises and ritual practices of a puja (worshipful circle) with its dancing, sensual feasting and techniques to awaken the sexual energy in the body. Love goddess extraordinaire, Annie Sprinkle, delights with her vast knowledge of sacred sexuality as she shares her own personal Tantric path which has been culled from fellow teachers all over the world.

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