Radiant Heart-Centered Puja

05/19/2018 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM PT


  • $100.00  -  Work Exchange
  • $175.00  -  Single
  • $300.00  -  Couple


Santa Rosa, CA


Join us in Living the Ecstatic Life!


Radiant Heart-Centered Puja

$175 Single

$300 Any pair

$100 Work Exchange - call first to arrange, 707-824-1117

A playful day of sharing connection, food and ritual with experienced dakinis. Our ecstatic and sacred Puja led by Evalena Rose and Lindy James extends into the evening, includes a ritual meal, and allows ample space for lovely ecstatic practices.

Stay after to enjoy the fruits of a long and luscious puja.

♥ A day of being nurtured in the temple of love
♥ Breathe your way into heart-filled delights
♥ Explore the fullness of connecting sensually
♥ Dance, worship & cavort with fellow Divine beings
♥ Practicing mutual honor, respect, and safety
♥ Hone your Tantric skills and nourish new heart connections
♥ Our deepening bonds bring healing to us all


Rarely have I reached feeling so completely present, loving and loved, accepting and accepted, deeply connected and at peace with new people in such a short time. Very profound and moving." ~  J. C.

Designed for sensitive men and women who've studied Tantra. Our Puja may include more women than men to accommodate women who prefer women partners.

Same gender couples welcome.

11 am: Registration and greeting our community
11:30 am: Heart-centered connecting, opening to joy, demos of boundaries and respect
1:00 pm: BYO lunch break & prepare for Puja (dress in fun or alluring adornment you bring)
2-6 pm pm: PUJA, catered dinner 
6-8 pm: More Puja & Snuggles
Bask in the post-puja sweetness. 

"Evalena's ability to create sacred space opens doorways to the Divine. Ecstatic, this Puja opened my heart to merging with the Beloved with every one there." ~R. D.

Work exchange, scholarships available

Location: Santa Rosa

Lodging available or contact us for a list of local area accommodations.

Want to bring someone new to Tantra?  A person trained in Tantra might be able to bring a beloved new to Tantra. Call 707-824-1117 to talk to Evalena about that possibility and how to prepare them to participate. An Introductory Evening is held the Friday night before the puja for them to learn more about the breath practices and the nature of Tantra. They gain greater comfort in being in sacred space and we gain safer playing grounds as they join us in holding healthy boundaries.

“Favorite puja of all-time! The men were really spiritually informed & ready to worship the Goddess.”  N. D.

“Thrilling and wonderful – changed my life to go to your Puja.”  P. U.

“A wonderful event with a lovely balance between the sacredness of connection in heart and spirit and the delicious delights of playful sensuality.”

To be in the presence of the wonderful beings you gather is truly a joy!

  I felt honored, appreciated, sensual, sexy and loved.  Wow!! Your Pujas feed me, nourish me and fill me up.” C. L.

Want more Tantra in your Life?

Yoga practices like Tantra work their magic of transformation more with repetition. Returning to the Six Month Group helps deepen your practice of sacred intimacy and ecstatic connection. Those who’ve studied with us for years find it refines their orgasmic potential as they grow in self-love, steeped in this compassionate community.

Returning to Introductory Evenings helps you establish the practices in your body and refine your undulatory practices. Experienced people come for free, as your presence is a gift to new people.

“A very delightful, tender & amazing experience. I felt remarkably present & wholly in the moment all day.”

“I felt so taken care of – a beautiful sensual experience.  So tantric, so totally in the now, so personal, deeply healing.”  J. K.

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